Auction conditions of sale

Conditions of Sale

Buyer may also participate in the auction in person between Mon-Fri: 9-16, to be mutually agreed at the time of submitting a written binding offer to Old Eminence Ltd.

All the writing of the bids will be registered in the public board.

Item is sold in it´s present and with the accessories is at the time of the sale as the add states it.

The item is not normal distance communication in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 14vrk return or exchange right.

The buyer is obliged to explore carefully the product before biding.

The jewelry and other small items we give the buyer an opportunity to take the item for further examinations of their own choosing (third party)

The take possession of the product, buyer must put up a collateral for amount the determine by each individual case.

The security deposit shall be handed over to Old Eminence Ltd by cash.

When the buyer returns the item to Old Eminence Ltd, in the same condition as it was on release

Old Eminence Ltd will refund security deposit in full.

Inspection applied for small item must be returned on the same day as it is applied for inspection before 16: 00.

If the product is not returned on time, the Old Eminence Ltd reserves the set amount of the guarantee auction as cancellation fee.

This review should take place in good time before the auction ends.

Item is not possible to retrieve the amendment if the end of the auction is less than 24 hour.

Product Description.
Jewelry study examined loose diamonds if possible. This allows for the examination of the jewel on every side as the visibility of the precious stone in an unobstructed. If the precious stones removal is not a large amount or size of the sense, the evaluation is performed by measuring the weight of precious stones. Color, purity and quality of the grinding examined carefully from as many sides as it is attached to a necklace of diamonds, it is possible.
The quality of the diamonds is expected as a rule, in accordance with the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), the quality of the classification, which is the world’s most prestigious and world-wide use.
Diamond, the report describes a gem of authenticity, grinding, shape, weight, color, and purity.
There are also reports of possible sightings, if the stone has been treated to improve its appearance, the CE marking (Clarity enhanced).
Express the weight of precious stones in carats (ct) which is 0,20 g
This declaration is based on the author as a careful and objective research and analyzes. The product description is not a warranty or a cost estimate provided to represent the movement or the seller’s price. Since the Gemmological rating and price estimates are not precise information and, therefore, to some extent, subjective, different laboratories can give to some extent different opinions. In providing this destination, you agree that the Old Eminence Ltd., or its staff, this does not take any responsibility for the customer of any loss or damage, whatever its nature.
Identity of the buyer is always checked before the release of the product or a refund.